Bicycle Ride For Diabets Set for May 15

Bicyclists, oil up your gears, smear on the tanning cream and undo those 20-lb. unbreakable locks.

The Cambridge-Boston area bike-a-thon to benefit the American Diabetes Association is scheduled for May 15 and the sponsors are looking for Harvard participants.

Requirements include willingness to negotiate a leisurely eight-mile circuit along the Charles River on a sunny Sunday afternoon and the ability to cram refreshments provided by McDonalds down your throat.

A drive for student bicyclists who think they can put their books down for a few hours on an early reading period Sunday, starts this week, Lee Raymond of Quincy house said yesterday. She is trying to set up two co-ordinators in each House to help her recruit volunteers.

All proceeds from the bike-a-thon will be used by the American Diabetes Association for research and medical care for the more than ten million Americans afflicted by the disease.


Interested students should contact Raymond at 498-3099.