Carter and Repression

News Shorts

President Carter is perpetuating the violations of human rights in Iran, a former Iranian political prisoner said yesterday at a forum on repression in that country.

Reza Baraheni said that American business interests have dominated United States relations with Iran since the days of President Truman.

"Repression is an extension of economic exploitation, and the one will not disappear unless the other disappears," he said.

The 350 persons attending the forum at Longfellow Hall agreed by a show of hands to send telegrams to the Shah of Iran and President Carter, protesting the repression in Iranian citizens and the torture of political prisoners.

The United States has sold Iran more than $10 billion worth of arms in the past four years, according to Noam Chomsky, a professor of Linguistics at MIT, who cited a 1976 Senate report.


"It's the pouring of arms and aid into Iran in support of the fascist regime there that makes the fascist regime possible," Chomsky said.