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By Thomas A.J. Mcginn

In a way it was Athens vs. Sparta all over again, Thucydides fans. Harvard came up with the theatrics and brilliant performances but it was arch-rival Northeastern that prevailed with solid consistent muscle, winning the GBCs last Sunday, 117 1/2 to the Crimson's second place tally of 95.

Jeff Campbell was the Crimson's brilliant contender. After dueling with Brandeis's Bill Horton for the opening length of the mile run, Campbell shook off the Judge runner and blazed to a meet record of 4:04.1.

For this knockdown performance he was rewarded with the outstanding meet performer award, along with Northeastern's Ron Chambers.

Chambers was the winner of the long and triple jumps, albeit with less spectacular performances.


More Crimson fireworks came in the half-mile run and the discus throw. In the half-mile event, Harvard's John Chafee ran a close third behind Mark Lech of Northeastern, who was conceded to be the overwhelming favorite, according to Harvard coach Bill McCurdy, and Ron Taylor of B.C. "Chafee stuck to Lech like he was part of his uniform," McCurdy said.

In the discus, Crimson hurler Joe Pellegrini tangled with two big guns from Boston College and Northeastern and wound up breaking even.

The final tally was Mike Wocik of B.C., 172 ft. 3 in., Joe Pellegrini of Harvard, 172 even, and Bill Kovach of Northeastern, 171 ft. 8 in. It was that close.

The javelin throw was yet one more bright spot for Harvard. In this event Dave Kinney was the unquestioned kingpin, with Tom Lincoln grabbing second-place honors.

But Northeastern was everywhere. The Terriers ran off with second place in the three-mile event, the third spot in the mile run and first place in the 100-yard dash.

Bill Johnson was first in the hammer throw, leading three Crimson hurlers in the next three slots. Chambers put the icing on the cake in the long and triple jumps and Kovach lit the candles with his third place finish in the discus.

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