Freshman Council


To the Editors of the Crimson:

In response to the Crimson's April 26 article concerning Freshman Council it is necessary to make certain points clear in regard to acting Freshman Dean Albert Arthurs.

Initially it must be stated that in Freshman Council as in any other organization the voice of one member does not represent the views of the entire body.

In the article it was charged that at the meeting at which the council's freshman class poll was being discussed, that Dean Arthurs tried to prevent any consideration of committee proposals to alter the council's structure. The council would like to state that neither at that meeting or at any other time during this year has Dean Arthurs tried to prevent any consideration of measures, proposals, or suggestions of the council. This is true in regards to ideas to alter the council's structure, CRR, or any Freshman Council sponsored events.

Addingly, it was charged that Dean Arthurs interrupted a council member while he was presenting a measure to set up formal liaisons between CHUL, CUE and the council. This is not true. First, Dean Arthurs does not have the authority to interrupt or speak out at any meetings of the council without being called upon by the moderator, as was done in this case. Dean Arthurs has constantly obeyed this policy and even if this policy did not exist I am convinced that she has the manners and the respect for others not to conduct herself in this manner. Secondly, it can be shown by reexamining the minutes from the meeting that the council had moved on to other subjects other than CHUL and CUE when Dean Arthurs was called upon by the moderator.

In conclusion the council would like it to be clearly known that Dean Arthurs has been extremely helpful in all matters concerning the council; its activities, suggestions, and inquiries. Moreover the number of Freshman Council activities (freshman weekend, specific speakers, union dances, movies, coffee houses etc.) would not have been possible if it was not for the assistance of Dean Arthurs and the Freshman Dean's office. Eugene Matthews '80   Moderator of the Freshman Council