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Hashing Out The Harvard Drug Scene


Though pot and hash rule the drug scene at Harvard, various pills and chemicals are sporadically in vogue. Among the harder drugs are:

"THC or more accurately, PCP, a blue or pink pill which is mostly synthesized from a tranquilizer administered to injured horses before they are shot. "T" numbs the extremities and produces its own intense "buzz."

"LSD or acid, which comes in many forms, from "windowpane" (very strong) to blotter (weaker). Blotter acid is simply a small piece of paper which has been soaked in the liquid hallucinogen.

Mescaline, a just-milder-than-acid hallucinogen which is usually sold in the form of a blue pill. Visual senses become distorted with mescaline, facial muscles contract easily, and the user feels "really confident," often feeling that "everything's funny."

Cocaine, the most expensive and coveted drug. Snorting this white powder for a high costs the user at least $35 per high depending on the quality of the coke. Impure cocaine is often laced with morphine, novocaine, or strychnine.

Amphetamines or "speed," popular and widespread during reading and exam periods. Amphetamines go by many names from "dexies" to "beauties" to "speckled birds." They are addictive for constant pill-poppers and brutal on the heart and central nervous system, as are most hard drugs.

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