Bye, Bye Birdie


Doris Kearns-Goodwin had almost everything she wanted at Harvard. A Book-of-the-Month-Club author and full professor of Government, she did not have the tenured status she hoped for, and this month, she gave up the fight.

Kearns-Goodwin, who was on leave last year, said this week she planned to teach this fall until complications in her pregnancy forced her to resign. She will continue working on a biography of former President John F. Kennedy '40 and has not made any commitments to teach at another university, she said.

Richard Goodwin, Kearns-Goodwin's husband, said this week Kearns-Goodwin has received several offers from universities and the Carter administration but she plans to spend more time with her family after having her second child this month.

And even if Kearns-Goodwin didn't get the contract she wanted from Harvard, she is still doing alright. Her husband said she has "a very substantial, very big contract with Simon and Schuster" publishers.

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