ENC Nails Women's Hoop

Carle 'Cliffe Highscorer With 18

Despite a tremendous effort by Wendy Carle, the women's basketball team dropped its second straight in a 76-58 loss to Eastern Nazarene College last night. Carle sunk eight from the field and two from the foul line to total 18 points.

The start of the evening did not bode well as Harvard's bus broke down, thus delaying the tap-off by 40 minutes. The Crimson squad fell behind by eight, but three buckets by Caryn Curry closed the gap and Harvard stayed within two until four minutes remained in the first half. Then, the Crusaders pumped in 11 to take a 38-28 lead into the lockerroom.

Harvard was plagued by fouls in the first half as they racked up 13 to ENC's three. Sluggish passing and an injury to Curry also took their toll on the Crimson. With six minutes gone in the first period, Curry took a hard fall and sprained her ankle, leaving the team without her services for the rest of the game.

Harvard fared no better in the second half as the Crusaders sank five straight to pull ahead 52-31 with 14 minutes remaining. Carle seemed to come alive with three baskets for Harvard but the effort wouldn't quite spur the team on. Both teams displayed momentary bursts but ENC held the Crimson to a 76-58 final.

Nazarene was able to penetrate Harvard's defense to get shots from under the basket, whereas the Crimson, though they tried to go inside to Hewitt and Greis, had to settle for the outside shots.


Because the Crusaders were able to hustle around the defense, ENC went 31 for 70 in the game, an amazing 44 per cent from the field and 93 per cent from the foul line.

With ten minutes to go, Coach Kleinfelder called a time-out to change strategies. The Crimson came back with a full court press. This seemed to fluster ENC, but after a few plays, they were successfully feeding Donna Fandel under the basket from the right side.

Loose Handling

The Crimson was also prone to traveling and loose ball handling, giving Janet Ranstron a chance to tally up six steals. The Crusaders also had four players in double figures with 20, 19, 16 and 13 points.

The highpoint of Harvard's evening came from Wendy Carle. "She was the only one that played the whole game, the others just played at times," said captain Katherine Fulton after the outing. Carle went eight for 18 from outside and two for four on freethrows.

Susan Hewitt also had a good night, going three for four in the second half to give her a total of ten. Carle also made off with eight rebounds, second only to Leslie Greis with ten.

Hopefully the stars will shine more favorably on the women's basketball team as they travel to MIT on Saturday.

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