New Assistant Dean

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The University will hire a part-time assistant to Dean Fox to help manage crowding, cost control, the handling of records and conflicting House policies.

The assistant will take over many of the responsibilities now handled by Ann B. Spence, associate dean of the Faculty, while Spence will devote more time to ironing out budgetary problems.

"This is not a response to a new problem, but rather a reorganization of office personnel," Fox said yesterday.

The assistant dean will report directly to Fox. The University will determine the assistant dean's salary, depending on qualifications and prior work experience.

Administrators said yesterday the assistant dean would be responsible for administering the House assignment system and would explore issues relating to equity among the Houses.


The assistant dean will also assist House masters in making appointments to Senior Common Rooms, serve as secretary to the Council of Masters, and work with the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL), especially in the House systems subcommittee.

The assistant dean will maintain an office in University Hall, and will be in charge of personnel policies in the House offices, which are staffed by a total of 26 staff assistants.

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