New Science Journal Submits Charter to CHUL for Approval

Ten undergraduates have submitted a charter for "Inquiry: A Magazine on Science and Society" to the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life (CHUL) for official recognition.

The publication will deal with scientific issues, particularly those on campus, and will emphasize their social effects, Geoff Bernstein '80, a founder of the magazine, said yesterday.

Such recent scientific controversies as sociobiology, nuclear power, and recombinant DNA have created a need for the magazine, Bernstein added.

"Because of the magazine's emphasis on the social impact of scientific issues, we hope to attract not only science concentrators, but students in the humanities and social sciences as well," Mark B. Wenneker '80, another founder of the magazine, said yesterday.

"Our chances of recognition by CHUL are very good, since we have defined our purposes clearly and have agreed not to publish in the red," Paul J. Wang '79, another magazine founder and a member of CHUL, said yesterday.


Archie C. Epps III, dean of students, said yesterday he expects CHUL to approve the magazine's charter.

Funding is the magazine's most pressing concern, but the staff is asking science departments for production funds, Wang added.

"Inquiry" will try to avoid the tendency of people to write about science in a dull and incomprehensible manner, founder David H. Gibson '79 said yesterday.

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