Supreme Court Denies Motion For Nazi Ban

WASHINGTON-The U.S. Supreme Court announced yesterday that it will let stand lower court decisions which allowed Nazi demonstrations in Skokie, I11. earlier this year.

The Skokie ordinances that had barred Nazi demonstrations and rallies were invalidated on the grounds that they restrict free speech, and so the town must allow the Nazi group to demonstrate, in the future.

The judges refused to hear arguments by Skokie officials that the rights of the Nazis free-speech must yield to the rights of the Chicago suburb's many Jewish residents, including several thousand survivors of Nazi imprisonment during World War II.

The Nazi group earlier this year won court approval to demonstrate in Skokie, but decided instead to hold two summer rallies in a Chicago park.

Among other decisions, the court turned down an attempt by a New York prosecutor to obtain a death sentence for the convicted murdered of a policeman.

Last June, the high court had let stand a ruling that struck down a New York law which required a mandatory death penalty for the murder of a correctional officer.