Women Swimmes Plan Trip Abroad

The women's swimming team is raising money and planning for a Christmas trip to Puerto Rico, its first trip abroad, Stephanie Walsh, head coach of the women's swim team, said yesterday.

About 25 women--all those who have been involved in the fundraising and who want to go --will participate in the trip, scheduled for December 26 to January 3, Walsh said.

The team will train at the Caparo swimming clulb near San Juan. Juan Fayer '80, a member of the 1976 Puerto Rican Olympic swimming team, has been a member at the Caparo club and will introduce the Harared studens to Puerto rican swimmers, Walsh said.

"This woun't be a vacation," she said. There will be workouts twice a day, and it will really help getting everybody iln shape and psyched up for some hard meets after Christmas."