Quincy Captures Men's Cross Country Title; 250 Set Record for Intramural Participation

Amidst azure skies, lung-cleansing air, and 250 cases of cross-country cough. Quincy House retained the men's title in the interhouse meet held yesterday. An impressive total of 163 points allowed Quincy to literally run away with the race. Remarkably, nine of the top 30 runners hailed from the victorious House.

Quincy's top finisher, junior David Randall, who grabbed the fourth slot, said "I'm just glad that I finished ahead of my roommate," referring to Scott Ferguson, who came in fifth.

Winner Scott "The Beast" Dolson of Leverett House, who maintained a pace of 7:30.5 over the 1 3/4 mile course, received a different kind of incentive from his roommate.

"While I was battling for the lead, my roomie promised me a case of Newcastle Brown Ale if I won," he said.

Runner-up Chuck Farrell of Dunster said "The lead had flipped-flopped back and forth, but I knew at that point I was in serious trouble."


Farrell bounced back moments after the conclusion of the interhouse race to take first place in the 3 1/2 mile All-University division in a blistering 16:41.

Farrell said he had to use his elbows to break free of the pack at the beginning of the interhouse race. "What do you think they put you in over-crowded high schools for? To teach you to use your elbows."

Rounding out the top five was third-place finisher Tim Sellers of Kirkland. All but Farrell are varsity half-milers.

Leverett finished second overall in the men's division, with Winthrop edging out Eliot for third.

Kathryn Taylor of Eliot House topped the women's division, coming home 64th overall. The final results for the women will not be available until the gender of several "Chrisses" and "Robins" is determined.

Floyd Wilson, director of intramural athletics, said the turnout in the interhouse race exceeded that of any previous meet by about 75 people. In contrast, only 11 freshmen showed up to compete.

Proctor Hasan Kayali of Holworthy East, who won the race in a brisk 7:53.6, said he was disappointed that so few freshmen took part.

John Lustgarten of Grays East, who finished a close second behind Kayali, said "The number of competitors reflects the apathy which pervades the freshman intramural program this year."

For top freshman finisher Lustgarten, it was the agony of victory: "I've never felt worse in my life."

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