Philosophy Concentrators Form Group To Evaluate Administrative Decisions

Over 40 Philosophy concentrators formed a group Thursday night to discuss the reassignment of section leaders and the alteration of certain course offerings in the department.

The Association of Undergraduate Philosophy Concentrators elected a six-person committee to meet with section leaders on November 3 to discuss the current policy of selections of graduate students for sections.

The association will evaluate department policy and attempt to influence some of its decisions, Kathleen M. Gleason '80, a member of the new association, said yesterday.

"Undergraduates don't know on what basis graduate students are being assigned to lead sections," Gleason said.

Ross S. Lipman '80, an association member, said yesterday some graduate students are teaching sections on topics in which they have little or no background. "Many are unqualified for their jobs," he said.


Arnold Davidson, a third-year graduate student in philosophy, said section leaders can successfully instruct sections outside their own areas of study. "If a graduate is studying one area that doesn't mean it's all he can teach," Davidson said yesterday.

Davidson said he is happy undergraduates will now be involved in assigning section leaders. "We feel they are the ones being taught. They should be able to find out how their teachers are selected," he said.

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