Assembly Wraps Up Elections; Committees to Meet This Week

In a three and one-half hour meeting last night, the Student Assembly elected officers to four standing committees, passed a motion to have informal meetings of its committees this week, and formed an interim committee to administrate the Nestle's boycott.

In a competitive election for chairman of the committee on academics, Mar Baum '80, an Adams representative defeated Eric B. Fried '80, a Currier representative in a run-off, 42-25 with two abstentions.

Baum said after his election that the main issue facing the academic committee "is how many professors are teaching how many students."

Baum said the University should encourage more professors to teach tutorials and should put more emphasis on the ability of professors to teach rather than to research.

Carl Rosen '80, a Leverett representative was elected chairman of the inter-and extra-University Relations Committee, defeating Robert Storch, a North Yard representative, in a run-off, 30 to 26 with four abstentions.


Rosen, an active member of the Constitutional Convention last year and of the Southern African Solidarity Committee (SASC), said yesterday the assembly should probably hold a referendum or hold "town meetings" in the Houses before taking a stand on South African issues.

"The assembly should talk to the SASC and other groups and see where they're at," Rosen said. "I don't think it will help anything to pass a resolution on our position on South Africa right now."

Rosen added, however that he thought the assembly should perhaps pass a resolution criticizing the University for the way it has handled South African issues.

Laura Besvinick '80, a Lowell representative, was elected chairman of the committee on student rights, defeating Chris Owens '81, a Quincy representative, in a run-off 34 to 17 with four abstentions.

Besvinick, who served on the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities as a freshman in an attempt to reform the committee, said yesterday she would attempt to reform the Asvisory Board.

"The Ad Board is like a black box-people go in it and come out different shapes, not always good," Bensvinick said.

Sarah Carpenter '81, a Mather representative, was elected chairman of the student and social services committee.