Presidential Visit to Highlight Democratic Fundraiser in Lynn

President Carter will speak in Lynn City Hall Square this afternoon to campaign for Democratic candidates seeking state-wide offices, while demonstraters, including some Harvard students, gather to protest administration policy in South Africa.

Latest plans call for Carter to arrive at the rally at 4:10 p.m. from Hanscom Air Force Base, riding in a motorcade with senatorial candidate Paul Tsongas (D.-Mass.) and gubernatorial candidate Edward J. King, a White House spokesman said yesterday. An estimated 250,000 people are expected to attend the campaign rally, the Associated Press reported yesterday.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy '54 (D.-Mass.) and Speaker of the House Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. (D.-Mass.) will also be present, the White House spokesman said.

Matthew M.E. Rothschild '80, SASC member, said he hoped 50-75 Harvard students will be among the estimated 200 demonstrators from the Greater Boston area attending the rally. The protesters will march from the Lynn Common to the site of the rally.

Four Harvard groups are among those co-sponsoring the demonstration. They are the Southern Africa Solidarity Committee (SASC), the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC), the Harvard Lawyer's Guild and the Friends of the United Farm Workers.


After the rally, the schedule calls for Carter to attend a $1000-a-head reception for Tsongas and King at the Colonial Hilton Inn in Lynnfield.

Robert Liff, a press advance man for the White House, said Lynn was chosen as a site for the fundraiser because it is "a good Democratic blue-collar city."

"I haven't heard a word about the demonstration. We neither desire nor intend to stop anyone from demonstrating," Liff said yesterday.

He added that no extra security measures will be taken because of the protest.

Eric W. Ascherman '81, co-chairman of the DSOC South Africa subcommittee, said whether the protesters would be noticed in the crowd would depend on "where we end up placing ourselves." He said he hoped as amny as 500 protesters would attend the demonstration.

Two of the sponsoring groups expect few of their members to attend, however.

"None of us have ever talked about going to Lynn," Holly R. Skolnick, a second year law student and member of the Harvard Lawyer's Guild, one of the sponsoring groups, said yesterday.

Move Out

Rothschild said the demonstrators will demand that the U.S. sever diplomatic ties with South Africa. They will also protest the actions of Andrew Young, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, who has voted five times to veto a Security Council measure which would impose economic sanctions on South Africa.

The demonstrators will also protest against President Carter for letting Ian Smith, prime minister of Rhodesia, into the U.S., Rothschild added.

Busses will leave Harvard Square early in the afternoon for the demonstration, Rothschild said