Quincy House Will Support CRR Boycott

In a packed and emotion-filled Junior Common Room, the Quincy House Committee voted last night to continue the student boycott of the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR).

The Quincy House vote makes the upperclass boycott of the CRR unanimous.

The meeting lasted two hours and was filled with technical parliamentary motions by members supporting both sides of the issues. House Committee chairman Dave Randall handed out several documents pertaining to the history and formation of the CRR at the beginning of the meeting, provoking a heated and well-informed debate on the boycott issue.

The CRR was formed in 1969 to consider cases of students who were charged with disrupting the University during the April 1969 campus strike.

Students who are attempting to reform the CRR last week urged House committees and the Freshman Council to boycott the CRR until the Faculty votes to accept the proposed reforms.


The proposed reforms include equalizing the number of students and faculty members serving on the committee, creating a special appeals board, barring hearsay evidence, allowing the release of transcripts of the hearings if both parties agree and prohibiting the presence of lawyers at the hearings.