Kitchens Are Back to Normal After Salmonella

Kitchen conditions are returning to normal after this month's outbreak of Salmonella, although dining hall salad bars still do not include chopped eggs--a salmonella carrier--and University Health Services (UHS) is still taking a few last cultures from part-time dining hall workers, Benjamin H. Walcott, assistant director of food services, said yesterday.

A UHS report said that most student employees may return to their positions, but that UHS must still clear some students before they return to work at the River Houses, Dr. Warren E.C. Wacker, director of UHS, said yesterday.

Wacker said UHS found one positive culture last week and removed the central kitchen worker from his post.

Walcott said food services may use workers from Tad's Manpower, but only if they have not worked at Harvard during the current school year.

He said only two kitchen units normally use temporary help from the agency.


"On the basis of this experience, we're going to reinforce the usual sanitary practices," Wacker said, adding "You may as well learn from something like this."