Student Centrex Directories Are Out Week Early

Although the University Printing Office distributed Centrex Telephone Directories one week earlier than it did last year, students expressed dissatisfaction at not having the use of the directory for the greater part of the semester.

The printing office distributed the directories over the weekend to the residential Houses and the custodians in charge of the five sections of the Yard.

"There's no reason why the directory can't be provided in time for us to make full use of it," Jordan C. Budd '82, said yesterday.

Charlotte Nelson, a member of the Communications Office who compiles the directory, said that the office delays the publication of the book each year in order to insure its accuracy.

"The number of changes in rooming situations are unreal, especially in the Quad," Nelson said.


Sharon Veno, assistant to the masters and in charge of housing for North House, said "they're using the Quad as a convenient excuse." She added that there had only been six room changes in North House since the beginning of the year.

Janet F. Hinkley, assistant to the masters of Currier House, said "I wouldn't hold up my directory because of room changes."

Most students agreed that they'd rather receive the directory early. "None of it is exact anyway," Clare D. McGorrian '81, a Currier House student, said.