James and Martha Davis Named Winthrop Masters

James A. Davis, professor of Sociology, and Martha J. Davis, a specialist in early childhood education, will become Co-Masters of Winthrop House on July 1, 1979, President Bok announced today.

The Davises will replace present Co-Masters William R. Hutchison, Warren Professor of the History of Religion in America, and Virginia Hutchison, who have served since July 1974.


"Winthrop is a lively house, and we will concentrate on keeping it that way," Davis said yesterday. "My wife and I expect to spend the first year doing some on-the-job training," he added. "We have a lot to learn."

The Davises are currently associates of Mather House, and will serve as Acting Co-Masters of Mather beginning February 1, 1978, until their tenure at Winthrop begins. David and Patricia Herlihy, co-masters of Mather House, will be on sabbatical leave in Italy for the spring term, Davis said.



"We'll miss Winthrop a great deal, but we feel we are leaving the house in very strong hands," Virginia Hutchison said.

Davis has no specific new plans for the house, he said.

Before coming to Harvard in 1977, the Davises spent a year as Co-Masters of Choate Residence at Dartmouth College.

Once More

"Because we enjoyed being masters at Dartmouth, and because our kids are all grown up and we miss the racket, we are really delighted about becoming Co-Masters at Winthrop House," Davis said.

"It's a rare opportunity for husband and wife to really work together," he added. "We're a team, and look forward to this as a new joint enterprise."

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