J.V. Cagers Outlast Huskies; Homms Sparks a 77-72 Victory

The men's junior varsity basketball team made Northeastern's J.V. toe the line in its own gym last night, defeating the junior Huskies, 77-72. The win put the Crimson's record at 4-1 this season.

The Crimson hoopsters had established an eight-point lead by the middle of the first period, and allowed it to fluctuate only slightly throughout the game. Freshman Florian Homm did his best to keep the J.V. on top, leading the scoring parade with 16 points.

Paced by the sharp shooting of Dave Kohn and Billy Campbell, the Crimson made 19 of 25 from the free throw line in the contest.

But despite the solid scoring, Crimson coach Billy Raynor said that "offensively we were a little bit lackadaisical." The defense, Raynor felt, was the club's strength.

The Crimson strategy of passing and shooting in tight, planned formations worked well, especially in the final ten minutes of the game when the visitors successfully weathered Northeastern's final rush.


Sophomore point guard Sam Watkins dazzled the opposition with his fine ball control, as he set the pace for the game. Dave Durham also impressed for the Crimson, hustling when he had the ball and moving well to the open spot when he didn't.