Horner Hires Funds Specialist To Raise Radcliffe Revenues

President Horner has appointed an additional development officer to promote Radcliffe financial support, in preparation for the Radcliffe Century Fund Drive, Horner said yesterday.

Jessica Herbert, the recently-appointed development associate of the Radcliffe College Office of Development and Alumnae Affairs, is a specialist in fund-raising for non-profit organizations and former president of the Boston Museum School's Alumni Association.

Hope W. Wigglesworth '48, director fo the Radcliffe College Fund, said yesterday, "Jessica's qualifications are splendid--she is a wonderful addition to our staff."

Herbert's selection is part of the Radcliffe Century Fund Drive's goal to "double the annual giving over the next three years," Horner said.

Herbert said programs for the fund drive "are just beginning to surface. The Radcliffe College Office of Development and Alumnae Affairs had been keeping all new ideas on the back burner. Nothing could really move until they had their development person."


The funds acquired through the Radcliffe Century Fund Drive will "basically serve to keep up with inflation--our first need," Herbert said. However, she singled out "immediate scholarship money" for Radcliffe students as another high priority.

Also high on the list, according to Horner, is construction of the proposed recreation complex for Quad residents, which she estimated will cost $2 million.

Herbert said she plans to meet next Wednesday with members of the Harvard College "core campaign," a major fund-raising drive program still in the planning stages, to discuss "how the two campaigns might be molded to work together."


"Basically, we have a lot of researching ahead of us--in fact, I feel saturated in research right now," Herbert added.

One of the fund drive's aims is to increase alumni donations, Horner said. She said a higher proportion of Radcliffe alumni donate compared to Harvard, but added that Radcliffe alumni typicaly give funds in smaller amounts.

Horner said, "Typically, now, I go to bed at night thinking about the Dow-Jones Industrial Average. When that goes up, alumnae donations tend to go up, too."