Search Committee May Pick Police Chief Soon

The search committee for a new University police chief will meet tomorrow to possibly recommend one of the seven remaining candidates for the job, a member of the committee said yesterday.

Daniel Steiner '54, general counsel to the University and a committee member, said yesterday each of the committee members has interviewed the seven candidates, but the whole committee has not yet met to discuss individual evaluations.

Joseph B. Wyatt, chairman of the committee and vice president for administration, said yesterday he is "optimistic" the committee will decide on its choice soon, although the committee may reject all of the remaining candidates.

Wyatt will make the final decision on the appointment of the new chief.

The chief of police at Tufts University, Herbert Voye, is among the finalists for the job, sources close to Voye at Tufts said yesterday. Members of the search committee contacted yesterday would not comment on Voye's chances for the job.


The seven finalists, chosen from approximately 350 applicants, are "quite varied in background and experience," Wyatt said. Because all the candidates are senior professionals with current job obligations it may be some time before a new police chief is appointed even if the committee comes to a decision soon, he added.

The search committee has been seeking a replacement for David L. Gorski, the last chief of police, since April.

Although William A. Lee, acting chief of police, "has been doing a good job," Daniel D. Cantor, director of personnel administration, said yesterday, the committee is not considering him for the job.

The committee hopes to find someone with experience in administration as well as law enforcement, Wyatt said. He added university experience is not an essential requirement but the candidate would have to "at least understand" the problems of a university police force