Frank McLaughlin Speaks His Piece

Coach Scores Ivy Policy on Scholarships

Harvard basketball coach Frank McLaughlin recently reviewed his first season in the Ivy League and looked to the future as well. Here are some excerpts from that session.

On Coming to Harvard: "In retrospect, I'm very happy with my decision. The first year was a tough feeling our process for both players and coaches. It also took some time for my family to get adjusted to Cambridge, but I think next season things will go much smoother." family to get adjusted to Cambridge, but I think next season things will go much smoother."

On the 1978--79 Varsity: "Everybody will come in with a clean slate. Nobody has won a job as a result of this season--they'll have to prove themselves again in the fall. I think that's a fair philosophy--it keeps everyone working hard during the spring and summer as well."

On Recruiting: "Every day is a key day. In fact, I just heard today about a seven-- foot high school junior."

On the New Ivy Eligibility Rule for Freshman: "Minus freshmen, we've been playing without 25 per cent of our team. Give us our freshmen and then outside people are going to realize how good the calibre of play is in the Ivy League."


On Freshman Varsity Athletes: "You have to watch their academic life more carefully. I'd be against the new rule if all NCAA schools decided not to play freshmen on the varsity, but I favor it as things stand now because we need it in order to be competitive."

On the Ivy Policy of No Athletic Scholarships: "I find it quite ironic that the Ivy League, supposedly emphasizing academics, actually penalizes its student--athletes. At every other NCAA school, an athlete on scholarship can go to summer school for nothing.

"That means if you're a pre--med major you can take your tough science or lab courses during the summer when your load's a little easier, get better grades and a better education. In the Ivy League over the summer you have to work to pay your way the rest of the year--or pay for summer school."

On the Ivy League Schedule: The Friday--Saturday night schedule is tough on the traveling squads. Why don't we play Friday night and Sunday afternoon? The teams are back at school on the same day as they are now, and you've had a day of rest. Physically, the kids aren't worn out and they can study adequately."