Gymnasium Delayed

News Shorts

Cambridge City residents last Monday submitted a petition to the City Council that will further delay Radcliffe's plans to build a gymnasium on Observatory Hill.

The petition calls for a one year moratorium on all non--government tax exempt building in Cambridge residential zones. In addition, the moratorium will prohibit the issue of permits for new construction, for demolition and for occupancy.

Cambridge citizens introduced the petition which called for a moratorium only in the area around Observatory Hill.

The new petition puts every councilor on the spot with respect to his constituency, John Riseman, a member of the Quality of Life Committee of the Council of the Peabody School, adding "Now any councilor who votes against it is voting against his own neighborhood."

Neither President Horner nor President Bok could be reached for comment yesterday.


Saundra Graham, a member of the City Council, declined to comment.