So You Think Hourlies Are Tough?

Try minutelies. You won't have to write essays, but you will have to know the material. And it only takes a minute.

Math 1b, 'Introduction to the Calculus'

Who was Ludolph van Ceuleu?

The Dutch mathematician Ludolph van Ceulen is chiefly known for his computations of the value of pi, which he carried to 35 decimal places. This value was inscribed on his tombstone.

Anthro 184, 'Geography of the Tropics'

How big is Brazil?


About three-sevenths of South America is covered by Brazil, which borders every South American state except Chile and Ecuador as it extends 2965 miles north-south, and 2691 miles in an east-west direction.

Who discovered Brazil?

The Portugese explorer Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500.

How many islands make up the Philippines?

The Philippines are an archipelago of approximately 7083 islands situated about 500 miles off the Southeast coast of Asia. Y' Ami, the northernmost island, is 65 miles from Taiwan. Saluag, the southernmost island, is 30 miles east of Borneo.

What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Kabul, the largest city and capital of Afghanistan, is situated in and outside a triangular gorge between two towering mountain ranges, the Asmai, and the Sherdarwaza. The ranges, which run in a southeast and northwest direction, nearly meet just west of the old town and leave a narrow passage traversed by the Kabul River and local roads.

Where is the Atacama Desert?

The Atacama Desert in North Chile is approximately 400 miles long and has an elevation of 7000 to 13,500 feet.

Where is the Yenisel River?