GSD Journal

Students in the Graduate School of Design (GSD) recently began working on the first issue of an all-student architectural journal to be published annually, beginning in June.

The journal, titled "The Harvard Architectural Review," will "discuss current thought, history and meaning in architecture," according to a press release from the journal's editors.

Fred Schwartz, a staff member, said yesterday, "We felt that the architectural world needed a forum to discuss issues pertinent to architecture, with emphasis on ideas, not personalities."

Each issue will focus on a single architectural theme. The first issue, called "Beyond the Modern Movement," will contain articles, interviews, photo essays and book reviews dealing with the post-modernist movement in architecture.

Funding will come from magazine sales, individual donations, foundation grants and corporate benefactors. To raise money for the first issue, the magazine's editor held an open forum on post-modernism last November.


The journal will aim for an audience of professional architects, students, and interested laymen, Schwartz said. The magazine will be distributed either through mail subscriptions or bookstore sales.

The entire staff will be comprised of students in the GSD, although it will include a GSD alumnus as a financial consultant who will not have editorial control over the magazine.

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