Student Wins in Debate

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A Harvard student won the Kennedy Memorial Medal in a debate held Tuesday night at Berkeley, California.

Michael B. King '79, a vice-president of the Harvard University Debate Council, opposed the resolution that a nuclear weapons moratorium is in the best interest of the United States in the second annual Harvard-University of California-Berkeley debate.

Teamed with a Berkeley debater, King argued that the U.S. should develop the neutron bomb as a deterrent to Soviet aggression in Western Europe.

Alfred N. Metz '78, along with another Berkeley debater, supported a nuclear weapons moratorium before the audience of 3000 students and faculty of Berkeley and members of the Harvard Club of San Francisco.

The award honors former President John F. Kennedy '40, and the late Robert F. Kennedy '48, and has been presented to the outstanding speaker in these foreign policy debates since 1968.


King is one of the third or fourth best debaters in the country. Lyle J. Pash '77, an assistent coach of the debaters, said yesterday, adding that "he is an exceptional researcher and knows his facts inside out."