East Asian Group Publishes Journal

The Harvard East Asian Graduate Students Colloquium will publish today the first issue of "Stone Lion Review," a journal containing articles related to East Asia written by graduate and undergraduate contributors.

The new publication will contain several original and translated poems, short stories, book reviews and essays on topics including Japanese investment in the U.S., Chinese intellectual history in the 17th century, Oriental woodcut art and the role of women and the family in modern Japan, Andrew D. Gordon '74, a third-year graduate student and chairman of the colloquium, said yesterday.

Not Occidental

The Graduate Students Colloquium consists of about 100 graduate students from various departments including East Asian Studies, East Asian Languages, Government, History and Sociology, who share a common interest in East Asia.

The first issue of "Stone Lion Review" is being supported by departmental funding and will cost $2 for the general public and $1 for Harvard students. 300 copies of the magazine will go on sale today at 2 Divinity Ave.

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