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By Peter R. Melnick

While the nation awaits the Supreme Court's decision on the controversial Bakke case, expected this spring, the Boston Mobilizing Committee to Overturn the Bakke Decision will stage a march and rally today in Boston, organizers announced at a press conference Thursday.

Wayne Robinson, executive secretary for the Boston office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, said Thursday if the Supreme Court supports Bakke, the effect will be to "legalize a moral and political code that is hostile to the aspirations and rights of underprivileged groups, and will effectively curtail" the modest civil rights gains of the '60s.

Several victims of racist attacks will speak at the rally, he added.

There will be an anti-Bakke march in Washington D.C. next Saturday, Ogletree said. "We expect 10,000 to 15,000 people will attend the D.C. march if it doesn't rain," he added.

Following his 1974 rejection from U.C. Davis Medical School and 11 other medical schools, Bakke sued U.C. Davis for allegedly discriminating against him in its admissions practices by accepting minority students who were less qualified than Bakke. When the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bakke, U.C. Davis appealed to the Supreme Court.

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