Most Students Admitted Will Matriculate

If you have a friend or sibling on the Harvard-Radcliffe waiting list for the Class of '82 you should probably tell him to go to Yale.

With all but 17 of the 1585 on-campus spots filled, the admissions committee will probably admit between ten and 15 waiting-list candidates when it meets this Monday, William R. Fitzsimmons' 67, director of admissions, said yesterday.

The committee admitted about 50 members of the waiting list for the Class of '81, he added.

Of the 2196 admitted freshmen, 1614 will enter next fall with 44 deferrals and 24 students still undecided, Fitzsimmons said. The 74-per-cent yield, which includes 46 commuters, is the highest in the country.

The admissions committee has not yet tabulated the sex ratio of the incoming class, but Mary Ann Schwalbe '55, director of admissions, said yesterday it is her impression that the percentage of admitted women who will matriculate is slightly lower than that of the men.


The Class of '82 was admitted at a 1.68 to 1 male-female ratio.

A large number of the admitted students have turned down Harvard for other Ivy League schools, although Harvard usually claims three-quarters of those students admitted to both Harvard and Yale, L. Fred. Jewett '57, dean of admissions, said last week.

As of last week, 94 students had turned down Harvard for Yale, 84 for Princeton and 40 for Stanford.

Spencer J. Revolds, associate director of admissions at Princeton, said last week more than 300 students admitted to Princeton chose Harvard over Princeton.

One admitted freshman from New York City said last week she could not decide between "Harvard's diversity and the sense of community you get at Yale."

More than 800 transfer applicants have applied for between 50 and 60 places, Louise A. Cohen, chairman of the committee on transfer and visiting students, said yesterday.

She added that all transfer applicants are considered together regardless of whether they are applying to be admitted to the sophomore or junior class because the committee does not set up quotas for transfers for each class

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