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Harvard, as you're probably finding out about now, is a big and often confusing place. It takes a lot of effort to keep up on what's going on here--meetings, lectures, activities, as well as the vital issues of concern to the local community. Without some idea of what's happening--at an always hectic pace--around you, it's all too easy to miss out on the unique opportunities Harvard and Cambridge have to offer. That's why we're here.

The Harvard Crimson is your source of news and official information about what's going on at Harvard this summer. We publish twice a week, to bring you what you have to know if you want to deal with Harvard intelligently. Our weekly update of the Summer School's official calendar will keep you abreast of all the bureaucratic deadlines, as well as the parties and other activities that the Summer School is planning to throw your way. We also carry official announcements of any of the important changes you'll need to know about as the summer wears on.

But we do more than that for you. We tell you what Harvard doesn't, and what it won't: hard-hitting reporting on the latest developments within the Faculty and administration, and clear-headed coverage of the usually turbulent state of relations between the University and the surrounding community. And we tell you more than what's going on: we tell you why, with lively, informed analysis of all the major news events of the summer, on both the local and national scenes.

That's just the start. Twice a week, we bring you incisive reviews of the arts scene in and around Boston, and opinions on major movies and books that appear over the summer months. And every Friday The Crimson's Third Page gives you a rundown of what's happening outside Harvard--movies, plays, dancing, concerts. Just what you need to plan your weekend.

Add to that our usual lively coverage on local sports--Bosox, Lobsters, and the early line on the Patriots--and you've got a lot to think about. And a lot to enjoy.


That's why we think a subscription to The Crimson is about the smartest investment you can make at the beginning of the summer session. We give you the line on what's going on, and what you should look forward to: news, sports, reviews, official information, the words. And we do it clearly, concisely, and with the sense of humor you need to make it through this place.

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