Institute of Politics Awards Grants

The Institute of Politics recently awarded summer research grants to 14 rising seniors, juniors and sophomores to do research and field work relating to a senior honors thesis or some other comparable project.

The Institute grants are open to students in all concentrations, but must involve studying U.S. politics and government.

Students receive a grant covering basic expenses incurred while working on the project. Those who must use summer earnings for educational expenses receive an $80 per week honorarium for a maximum of eight weeks to compensate for money they might have earned during the summer.

'Fess Up

Next fall, the students will submit an expense accounting sheet, a short report on the summer research, and a letter from the person supervising the project stating that the work is satisfactory.


Students will submit a copy of the completed project to the Institute of Politics.

Topics recipients will research include "Health care problems in San Francisco Chinatown" and "The Electoral Basis of the Chicago. Machine."