Winthrop Masters To Step Down in '79

William R. and Virginia Hutchison will give up their positions as co-masters of Winthrop House at the end of the academic year 1978-79.

They have chosen not to renew the five year contract President Bok established for Housemasters.

Five-Year Plan

Hutchison, Warren Professor of the History of Religion in America, said yesterday that "five years was about as much as we could manage when both of us are working full time."

"We're very sad to be going; we've had a wonderful time." Virginia Hutchison, a special education teacher in Cambridge, said yesterday, adding that she and her husband wanted to let someone with "fresh ideas" take the job.


After finishing his term as co-master, Hutchison will take a sabbatical. He says he will catch up on writing new courses and will catch up on writing new courses and will finish a book on which he is two years behind.

Remarkable Achievements

Citing the informal, friendly atmosphere, the "remarkable number of academic achievements" and the diverse student body of Winthrop House, Hutchison called his job as co-master "a supreme experience."

Winthrop House students and tutors contacted yesterday said both Hutchisons have done a good job.

Mary J. McCullough, assistant senior tutor, said they devote more time to their House duties than necessary.


"The spirit in Winthrop House has changed quite a bit" since the Hutchisons became co-masters, Davis Dyer, assistant to the Master, said, adding that they selected a "fine tutorial staff" and increased the number of activities.

The Hutchisons initiated the construction of a guest suite, the Owen room and many improvements in the senior common room, Louise Schraa, an assistant to the master, said yesterday.

Good Times

The Hutchisons' term has been "a good time for the House," William Graham, former senior tutor at Winthrop House, said yesterday. "Everybody will be sorry to see them go," he added.

Llewellyn J. Marczuk '78 said the comasters are very involved in House life. "They go to every intramural game," Marczuk said, adding they are approachable and have "added a lot to my Harvard experience."

Scary But There

"Professor Hutchison," Maczuk adds, "is scary because he's so tall and he teaches religion, but he's always there."

Dean Fox said yesterday the search for new Winthrop House master(s) will begin next fall.