Renovations At Union Will Begin in Fall

Renovations are scheduled to begin this fall on the Freshman Union in order to "bring the building into even greater use for freshman activities," W.C. Burriss Young '55, associate dean of freshmen, said yesterday.

Summer in the Houses

Rooms on the second floor of the Union will be rennovated first, but no definite schedule has been set for the rest of the building.

More extensive work on the entire building will be done next summer, causing the shut-down of the Union for all of next summer. Summer School students will eat in the upperclass Houses during the summer next year.

The extent of next summer's rennovations have also not yet been determined.


A spokesman in the Planning Office said yesterday the renovation process would be divided into two major phases.

"The renovation of individual rooms on the second floor that will be beginning this fall will be the first phase. Then next summer we will be making major renovations on the Union, which will be the final phase," Smith said.

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