Students Face Board Charge Due to Error

Students living off-campus who received University identification cards indicating they are on board will be charged for meals whether or not they eat in the dining halls until they turn the ID cards in, University officials said yesterday.


John R. Marquand, senior tutor in Dudley House, said about 60 students received ID cards last week with a green stripe on the right-hand edge, permitting them to eat in dining halls when in fact they intended to be off board.

About half the cards have been replaced already, Marquand said, adding that Dudley House is making an effort to inform students who may be unaware that they are being charged.

The daily charge for board is "approximately $5.51", a spokesman for Fiscal Services said.



Students may have received the wrong cards if they lived in a House last year and did not notify the University that they were moving off campus until late this summer, R. Jerrold Gibson '51, director of Fiscal Services, said yesterday.

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