Sports Cube First Annual Basketball Mid-Year

Quizmaster-Elgin Scheft

Thought you wouldn't have to see me until the leaves turn green, huh? Well, you're out of luck, as I have been summoned from the land of number 2 pencils a semester early this year to make the road to clinical depression a little swifter for you all.

What? Do I hear a voice from the Union condiment table saying "This quiz will be easy, just like that Independent baseball quiz last week."?

Let me address that statement in two parts. First, mastering that Independent "trivia" quiz was about as difficult as beating Loyal Park in the high hurdles. Secondly, you're only a freshman, and unless your last name is Scheper, you probably think that Trivia is something that pharmacists aren't allowed to sell over the counter.

Seriously, I've received some criticism for the relative impossibility of the questions on my last few quizzes. All I can say is thank you, life isn't one big Hank Aaron question. If you want your ego massaged this is not the place. Try a trade school or a Polish wedding for that sort of thing.


At any rate, this semester's topic is pro and college basketball trivia, dating form the mid-60's to the present. There will be 50 possible answers; 10-20 correct and your friends can't call you a pansy anymore. Less than ten correct and you'll probably start counting typos of justifying the creative mind. Any more than 25 correct and I feel sorry for you when you get out of here.

See you in the showers, fungi!

1. When the Lakers met the Knicks in the finals of the 1970 NBA Championship, what Los Angeles rookie started at guard for the injured Johnny Egan?

2. Give me the FULL deal for Wilt Chamberlain, which transpired in the summer of 1967 and sent The Dipper to Los Angeles.

3. When coach Bob Cousy decided to become player-coach Bob Cousy for the Cincinnati Royals in 1971, who did the Celtics get as compensation?

4. Oh, and what number did the Houdini of the Hardwood wear with Cincy?

5. What slightly unusual pre-game ritual did Lew Alcindor go through before every game of his rookie season?

6-7. The year is 1970 and three players in the NBA are wearing headbands during games. One of them is Chamberlain. How about the other two?

8. Who was Henry Finkel's backup on the 1969-70 Celtics?

Give the Muslim names for the following NBA players: