A Balanced View


To the Editors of the Crimson:

Your "Politic" commentary in the October 23 issue left several questions in my mind.

Is there normally a connection between a headline and the text that follows? "Connally Blames the Jews" is a catchy title. Blames them for what. I wondered, and what did he say? But the article left me still wondering. Is the clue in the assertion that they voted conservatively in 1972?

When a commentator holds up a wicked man to righteous indignation, a good photograph can do wonders in setting the right moral tone. Your picture of Connally is admirable for this purpose: his glistening, protruding canines beautifully evoke the Transylvanian candidate. My question is, does the writer have to supply his own picture, or do you keep a file on deserving public figures?

By the way, if you wanted to present a balanced view of Connally's proposed policy for the Middle East. I think you would have to make some mention of United Nations Resolution No. 242. Richard Partridge '52