Booters Salvage Unbeaten Season

Harvard's varsity soccer team completed its second straight undefeated Ivy League season yesterday by beating stubborn Yale, 1-0, on a overtime goal by Charlie Thomas.

The winning goal came on a fluke play that was set up by the constant pressure and deep penetration applied by Thomas, Phil Kydes, and Solomon Gomez on Yale goalie Ken Pasternak during the first of two five-minute overtime periods.

Kdes Steals

Kydes stole the ball at midfield to start the play which produced the goal and raised Harvard's record to 11-0. He dribbled 10 yards and passed to Gomez, who had slipped cutting towards the center. Gomez, regaining his feet quickly, shot the ball to Thomas in the corner.

With no one on him, the high-scoring junior raced for the goal. The ball was lost in a massive pileup in front of the net and mystically reappeared in the loft corner of the goal. Both squads and the large crowd of spectators were dazed. The game for all practical purposes had ended there as Yale came completely apart. The remainder of the contest was only a formality.


"I didn't see it. It ricocheted off someone's shins, hit the far post and trickled in," said a dejected Pasternak.

"I tried an unsuccessful pass to Solomon across the goal, their fullback stopped it and tried to clear it but as I leaned back, it bounded off my knee and went in," described Thomas, as he was heroically swarmed by fans after the game.

"I trapped it with my left foot, swung it over to my right and tried to kick it out of bounds but he was coming in fast and I hit his knee," said Yale fullback Ken Stocker, while he walked off the field to Dillon alone.

These are three views of the play which brought to life a game that had been cautious and boring throughout. The bulk of the contest was characterized by a lethargic effort on the part of the Crimson and a mixture of hustle and dirty play by the Elis.

Even with the dirty play, Harvard completely controlled the match. It was evident that Yale was not going to score but the Elis' defense made the Crimson go into overtime and cut down on the normal number of shots Harvard's strong front line usually batters at the opposition.

A near-miss by sophomore Chris Papagianis early in the fourth period was the closest the Crimson came to a goal in regulation play.

Emmanuel Ekama and junior Chris Wilmot played exceptional games for Harvard as they continually broke up potential Yale scoring threats and covered up on mental lapses by other Crimson players.

The Harvard squad suffered many injuries during the game which might be attributed to the frigid drop in temperature early in the third quarter. Kydes, Wilmot, and junior Norrie Harrower were all hurt in the second half but the injuries turned out to be minor. "I have a muscular strain in my ankle. I trod on it wrong and it pained me terribly, but when you get up and run on it, its ok," said an elated Wilmot, "You know I didn't think it was going in but I was delighted it did," he added.

In an all-out effort on the adjacent field yesterday, the Harvard freshmen closed out their season with a 1-0 victory over Yale, to give them a final season record of 8-1.

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