Our Christmas Reuelry

THE YULETIDE MUSE alights once a year

And prattles her song, auspicious and clear,

Of gaudy decorations in orange and pink,

Of carols, of merriment, but mostly--of Drink.

For the past year's tribulations, for the next's gloomy signs


She offers this remedy: a flagon of wine.

No prophets or sages, Cassandras or seers

Can give men a forecast of troublesome years

That can't be outwitted, that can't be escaped

By an iron-hard will with the help of the grape.

And though man may stumble, and though man may fall

In scaling his personal paradise wall

There's always a pathway that leads safely down--

The Vine is a friend all the way to the ground.

BUT CHRISTMAS season, you cry in dismay,