Athletes and Apathy


To the Editors of The Crimson:

The Athletic Students for Academic Action (ASAA) convened Friday night under the leadership of President David Liptak '81 during half-time of the Harvard-Yale basketball game. Our meeting of twenty scholar-athletes was held in the upper left-corner of the South bleachers of the Indoor Athletic Building. We proposed and unanimously passed the following resolutions:

1) to condemn 4.9% of the 9.6% increase in tuition scheduled for the next academic year at Harvard and,

2) to condemn the general student apathy surrounding Harvard basketball games.

We feel cheated that the Crimson did not give our conference equal coverage with that given to the Student Assembly meeting of last Thursday night because our resolutions were very similar and, more importantly, our effect as a student organization is just as profound. Brian P. McAndrews