Pudding Will Honor Bergen and DeNiro

They're still looking for sex and violence.

The Hasty Pudding Club yesterday named Hollywood stars Candace Bergen and Robert DeNiro as their 1979 Woman and Man of the Year, respectively.

Bergen, who recently starred as Ryan O'Neal's replacement for his lost love Jenny in "Oliver's Story," will join the Pudding parade through the streets of Cambridge on February 13.

DeNiro, winner of an Oscar for his performance as the young Don Corleone in "Godfather II" and best known as the crazed "Taxi Driver," will be awarded his "Pudding Pot" prior to the opening curtain of the Pudding's 131st production.

Bergen, the 29th recipient of the award given for "great artistic skills and feminine qualities" is known primarily for her classical beauty and starring roles in "Carnal Knowledge" and "A Night Full of Rain." Esquire, Vogue, Playboy, and Life have published the multi-talented actress' articles and photographs.


DeNiro, whose most recent performance headlines the award-winning new release, "The Deer Hunter," is cited by the club as the "performer who has made the most outstanding contribution to the entertainment profession during the past year."

His portrayal of a sweet but simple-minded street tough trying to break into the mafia in Martin Scorcese's "Mean Streets" led him to stardom.