Woman Attacked, Robbed at Dunster House; University Police Arrest Armed Local Man

University Police arrested a young man for armed robbery Tuesday night, after he allegedly attacked and robbed Juliann M. Paolicchi '81 outside Dunster House.

Police took the man, Allen F. Smith, who reportedly was carrying a gun, to the Cambridge police department where he is now being held. Police officials confiscated ten dollars that Smith allegedly took from Paolicchi.

Perfectly Clear

Capt. Jack W. Morse of the University police, said yesterday that police covering an unrelated disturbance outside Dunster House were called to the scene at 11:29 p.m. and apprehended Smith as he was running away.

The University Health Services treated Paolicchi for bruises and contusions and released her early Wednesday morning, Morse said.


A Dunster House resident said yesterday she saw a man standing over a woman in the grassy area between Dunster and Leverett House. The witness alerted police who were investigating a fight outside the Dunster superintendant's office.

Police were at Dunster House arresting a juvenile for breaking a window outside the superintendent's office, Morse said. "The incidents were totally unrelated," he added.

James R. Hayes, Dunster House superintendent, declined to comment yesterday.

A Dunster resident who asked to remain unidentified said yesterday he heard someone destroy the telephone booth outside Dunster early yesterday morning and yell, "I'll be back, Dunster House." Morse said the booth was destroyed but declined to say whether any of the incidents were connected.

Raoul Bott, master of Dunster House, said yesterday he had written to residents of the house asking them not to walk alone at night

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