Smith Arrives For Conference

LONDON--Close to 100 demonstrators changed "Murder" as former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith arrived here yesterday on his first visit to Britain since the minority-ruled nation declared its independence in 1965.

Smith was the last major figure to arrive for a British-sponsored constitutional conference on Rhodesia.


Chaired by Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington, the conference is aimed at ending the guerilla warfare still raging in that country and at bringing about an acceptable transfer of power to the nation's black majority.

Smith is a member of Zimbabwe Rhodesia's 12-member delegation, led by Bishop Abel Muzorewa, Zimbabwe Rhodesia's first prime minister.

Black nationalist guerilla leaders Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, who arrived last week, will also attend the conference.

Nkomo and Mugabe says the Muzorewa government is a sellout to white interests. Muzorewa contends his government is legally elected.


Smith was granted immunity from treason charges so he could make the trip to England. He could have been prosecuted for his role in the Rhodesian independence movement.

"It feels much the same," Smith said. "I had a very pleasant entry into Britain. I looked down and saw and green patch and realized it was Twickenham rugby ground. It brought back some pleasant memories."

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