Tigers Trounce Icewomen In Harvard's Sixth Loss

Still looking for their first win this season, the Crimson icewomen journeyed to scenic New Jersey with high hopes last Friday, hoping that a trouncing of the Princeton Tigers would make the trip worth the effort.

But the Tigers pounced first--and last--holding the Crimson scoreless in an unusually rough game and handing Harvard its sixth loss, 5-0.

No Cigars

Once again, failure to capitalize on scoring opportunities highlighted the icewomen's downfall. "So many times, the puck would hit the post or miss the net by a quarter of an inch when the goalie was on the other side," co-captain Firkins Reed said yesterday. "It never seemed to hit the post and bounce in."

Princeton, however, didn't suffer from this problem. The Tigers tallied twice in periods one and two, padding the win with a final goal in the third to make it 5-0.

Unfortunately, the players needed protection more than the score did. Poor refereeing and aggressive bodychecking--taboo in women's hockey--created a tense atmosphere that persisted throughout the last two-thirds of the game.

The Tigers, who last year boasted perhaps the weakest Ivy League squad, have surprised most of their opponents this year with their improvement. Princeton now sports a 6-1 record, including a win over a perennially stellar Northeastern team.

Although defensemen Julie Starr and Anna Jones put in impressive performances, barring all Tiger attempts while they were on the ice, the Crimson forwards failed to complement their finesse with some goals.

"We're just not really as hungry for the goal as we could be," Reed said.

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