Fewer Sick-outs

The new "birdcage plan" has significantly reduced the number of students applying for medical exemptions from exams.

With three days left in exam period, 224 students have petitioned for "sick-outs," according to statistics released by Stillman Infirmary yesterday. 530 students got exemptions from exams last spring.

The birdcage plan states that students who opt for make-up exams will receive a # sign next to the grade from that course on all academic records.

Dean Fox said yesterday "The plan applies to any kind of extension that is granted to a student, whether it be a medical make-up or otherwise."

The faculty council, the Committee on Houses and Undergraduate Life and the administrative board agreed on the plan last spring.


Last year's average rate of 37 exemptions per day has fallen to about 20 per day this exam period. However, Fox said this figure might change, depending on the nature of the remaining exams.

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