The Crimson's Winter Olympics Quiz

Who was the "Hothouse Champion" and what ever became of his medals?

Which were the first Winter Games to be broadcast over the radio?

Who was the first triple gold medalist in one Winter Olympics?

Name the former gold medalist who coached Sonja Henie.

Why did Canada protest Britain's 1936 hockey gold medal?


Name the highranking U.S. official who has threatened to make this quiz irrelevant.

What man shamed the U.S. into attending the 1936 Olympics?

Who was the first winner of the men's luge?

Who was the first winner of the Women's luge?

Name the only three time winner of the men's figure skating competition.

Other than Canada, only one other country has won the hockey gold medal more than once. Name that country.

What famous cartoonist designed the opening ceremonies for the 1960 Winter Olympic Games?

Who was the blitz from Kitz?

Name the Soviet woman who won four gold medals at the 1964 Winter Games?

Name the U.S. skater who won the men's 1000 meter event the first time it was held.

In 1972 only one man prevented "the Flying Dutchman" from a complete sweep of the men's speed skating events. Name that man.

What chronic ailment makes Bill Koch's races even more difficult than they would be for a healthy person?

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