Poll of Students Shows Split On Carter's New Draft Policy

Over 350 Harvard students responding to yesterday's Crimson poll were fairly evenly divided on questions relating to President Carter's reinstitution of registration for the draft. Half of the students do not favor registration, while 47 per cent agree with the decision.

Of those opposing Carter's decision, 57 per cent would consider refusing to register. Chip Storey '83 said yesterday "Reinstituting registration is just grand-standing on the part of President Carter--it's a political maneuver."

"It (registration) is proof of a cold war mentality and I do not agree with it," Stephen King '81 said.

Three quarters of the respondents said they were against the reinstitution of the draft in the most lopsided response of the poll. "I do not think the draft is necessary since we are not at war," Gregory Stein '83 said.

Other students said they thought that the draft would escalate the possibility of war and questioned "the whole idea of going to war," as Gary Anglin '82 said.

Students were almost evenly split on the question of boycotting the Olympics--46 per cent were in favour of a boycott while 44 per cent were against it.

Ten per cent of the students polled has "no opinion" on the Olympic issue. Some expressed a wait-and-see attitude. As King said, "It depends on what happens between now and the spring and on how the Soviets act between now and then."

"The boycott won't be effective unless other nations support us. If we want to break up what is essentially Moscow's showcase, we'll need help," Tom Hanlon '83 added.

The issue of military spending also aroused a mixed reaction with 48 per cent of students polled opposing Carter's proposed increase in military spending, and 43 per cent approving that policy. DRAFT REGISTRATION POLL   Yes  No  No Opinion 1)Do you favor reinstitution of draft registration?  47%  50%  3% 2)If you are opposed, would you consider refusing to register?  57%  35%  8% 3)Would you favor reinstitution of the draft now?  21%  76%  3% 4)Do you favor an Olympic boycott?  46%  44%  10%