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Full Court Press Aids Defensive Game

By Ari M. Lieman

Harvard co-captain Caryn Curry scored seven points in overtime to lead the Crimson to a thrilling 80-76 victory over Bentley at the IAB last night.

Harvard blew a 40-25 halftime lead, and almost let Bentley sneak away with the win. Bentley capitalized on the Crimson's sloppy play to tie the score and then take the lead with only seconds remaining in regulation time.

But the hoopsters' Karen Smith sent the game into OT, and Curry rose to the occasion, hitting three medium-range jumpers and a foul shot to clinch the cagers' third straight victory.

The Crimson, which boosted its record to 5-8, exploded from the start to take a 27-10 lead in the first ten minutes.

Center Elaine Holpuch overpowered her defenders, dominating the boards and hitting repeatedly on short jumpers. She finished with 24 points and a game-high 13 rebounds.

Crimson guard Nancy Boutillier, who chipped in 16 points, helped the Harvard cause with her hot outside shooting.

In addition to a strong offense, Harvard thwarted Bentley's attack throughout the first half with an aggressive zone defense.

Faced with a 15-point deficit, Bentley went to a fullcourt press for most of the second half.

The press, combined with sloppy Crimson ball handling, helped Bentley to chip away at Harvard's lead, finally tying the score at 56 with 6:31 left.

Bentley playmaker Paula Ayers led the comeback with her gambling on defense and fast breaks on offense.

"We weren't concentrating," Holpuch said. "We saw a 15-point lead, and we let up."

With 35 seconds left, Bentley had a 70-68 lead and the ball. But Ayers played cute a little too long, and the 30-second clock expired.

Harvard had the ball with six seconds to go.

Curry took the inbound pass, drove, and pulled up for a short jump shot. She missed, but Smith took the rebound and put it in with no time left on the clock.

In the overtime, the Bentley starters, who had played nearly the entire game, continued their determined play. Equally determined, Curry and co-captain Wendy Carle hit the clutch baskets the hoopsters needed to top Bentley for the first time in four years.


at Harvard

New York 103 Boston 38

35-lb. weight: 1. Manny Silverio, N.Y. 62-63/4; 2. Bruce Stirling Boston, 58-2 3/4; 3. Tom Lenz, Boston (Harvard) 57-7; Mile Run: 1. John Murphy, Boston (Harvard), 4:05.82; 2. Paul Steeds. N.Y. 4:06.03. Bill Martin, N.y. 4:06.70; 60 yd high hurdles: 1. Kerry Bethel, N.Y. 7.36; 2. Randy Smith, N.Y. 7.59; 3. Shulton Whitley, N.Y. 7.70; 440-yd. dash: Brian Denman, N.Y. 48.53; Keith Allen, N.Y. 48.54; 3. Mike Ferrari, Boston, 48.77; 600-yd. dash: 1. Brian Grimes, N.Y. 1:10.19; 2. Vince Forte, N.Y., 1:10.62, 3. Derrick Peydano, N.Y. 1:10.63; Shot put: 1. Tony Harlin, N.Y. 56-9 3/4; 2. Karl Swanke, Boston, 55-10; 3. Art McDermott, Boston, 54-10 3/4; 60-yd. dash: 1. Ephrain Serrette, N.Y. 6.26; 2. Eric Berrie, N.Y. 6.39; 3. Mike Curray, Boston, 6.45; 880-yd run: 1. Adam Dixon, Boston (Harvard), 1:51.61; 2. Vince Mutarelli, N.Y. 1:53.48; 3. Paul Neves, Boston, 1:53.92; 1000-yd run: 1. Rod Garland, Boston, 2:09.94; 2. Rich Lippert, N.Y. 2:10.16; 3. Tom Horton, Boston, 2:11.10; Pole Vault; a. Paul Anderson, N.Y. 14-6; 2. Dave Randall, Boston, Harvard, 13-6; 3. Charles Shugart, N.Y. 13-6; Twc Mile: 1. Solomon Cheber, N.Y. 8:53.39; 2. Marty Hansen, N.Y. 8:59.98; 3. Ed Richard, Boston, 07.22; Mile Relay: 1. Farleigh Dickinson, N.Y. 3 14.4; 2. Rutgers, N.Y. 3:17.1; 3. Harvard, Boston, 3:19.1; Long jump: 1. Bob Balcerski, N.Y. 23-6 1/4; 2. Anthony Philip, N.Y. 23-6 1/4; 3. Gus Udo, Boston (Harvard), 23-4; High jump: 1. Roberto Cooper, N.Y. 7-0; 2. Mark Brown, N.Y. 6-8; 3. Daniel Monchek, N.Y. 6-8; Triple jump: 1. Frank Alston, N.Y. 48-8; 2. Barth Nnadji, N.Y. 45-10; 3. Louis Edozian, Boston, 44-6; Two mile relay: 1. Harvard (Dixon, Schuler, McNulty, Murphy), Boston, 7:32.99; 2. Seton Hall, N.Y. 7:34.42; 3. C.W. Post, N.Y. 7:38.56.

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