Fencers Nail Holy Cross, 24-3; Novice Swordsmen Stand Out

The men's fencing team nailed Holy Cross last night, 24-3 in an extraordinarily smooth meet for the swordsmen, who raised their record to 3-2.

The number-one fencers in all three events--Steve Biddle in epee, Dave Hanower in foil and Jim Goldenring in saber--carved out easy victories before being replaced by members of the J.V. after the first round.

The fencers were undefeated in foil, winning all nine bouts, and they took saber 8-1 and epee 7-2.

Freshman Brad Jeffries, who has been fencing only a few months, turned in a strong performance in two 5-4 bouts and downed Holy Cross's first-ranked saberman.

Another standout was sophomore Paul Crnkovich, who began fencing epee only this year. Crnkovich won both his bouts, one of them in 47 seconds, without giving up a single touch.


Junior Jai Rho in foil and sophomore Stanlake Samkange were also undefeated in two rounds.

"It was a preliminary back-after-exams warm-up meet," team manager Ellen Weiss said last night, adding, "Everybody won--everybody did well."

The swordsmen's biggest challenge will come Saturday at Princeton, when the fencers take on their always tough opponents in epee.