Libertarian Candidate Clark Attacks Reagan, Carter Stands

Ronald Reagan is the worst presidential candidate because he wants to bring more government into people's lives, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ed Clark told a partisan local audience last night.

"Reagan wants to expand government's role in every phase of life. He supports a constitutional amendment banning abortions. This would interfere with the individuals right to make a choice," Clark told a crowd of more than 300 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Clark also condemned Reagan's positions on equal rights for women and foreign policy, maintaining that government should be "out of our pocketbooks, out of our bedrooms and out of our lives." Clark contended that Reagan's support for military superiority over the Russians will put the country into an endless inflationary race and continue to expand government.


Clark briefly discussed President Carter, saying he finds it difficult to keep his language fit for mixed company when he speaks about Carter. "I think Jimmy Carter's three year record excludes him from further consideration in this campaign," Clark said to one of the crowd's several ovations.


Clark said Independent presidential candidate Rep. John B. Anderson (R-III.), although more articulate, more sincere, and more intellectually deft than Carter or Reagan, "is not an alternative. His message is that the current establishment is right--all we need is another man to run it. If you like the system, vote for Anderson."